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security breaches at u.s. airports in the past ten years. but what do the numbers mean and how concerned should we be? political payback at d.c. city hall. why one move in the city council chair is raise something eyebrow. fox 5 morning news continues right now. it's 6:00 on this wednesday morning as we take a look outside. another hot one. blue skies at the top of your screen, though. that is a positive development. good morning. thanks for being with us this morning. i'm steve chenevey. i'm sarah simmons.
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welcome to fox 5 morning news. let's check in with mr. perkins again this morning. >> hello to both of you and good morning to everybody. it's warm. temperatures from the upper 70s to low 80s already this morning. still not a bad look. let's take a look at our satellite radar composite. you will see that in fact the skies are partly cloudy. that means there's plenty of room for sunshine out there. the sun came up just a few moments ago. now, as far as precipitation goes, we have none we're dealing with this morning. you can see there's precip in northwest pennsylvania and also out in the midwest. that's a line of a frontal boundary that will make its way through here late today. as it does that could bring with it some showers and maybe even a couple of thunderstorms but we're talking about late in the afternoon and during the evening hours. current temperatures around the region, 82 degrees right now in the district. 77 in baltimore. 78 at dulles airport. fredricksburg is at 73 degrees and in frederick, maryland it is 70 degrees.
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your forecast for today mostly sunny skies. warm, somewhat humid but again the temperature and even the humidity down a little bit from yesterday. scattered afternoon thunderstorms are possible. we're looking for a high of 93 degrees. that's the weather. more coming up in a little bit. >> tony, thank you. let's check in with julie wright. she has the latest on our roadways. things looking up out there this morning. >> reporter: things are getting better if you're traveling the beltway early this morning. you'll find lanes have been reopened as you travel between 66 and route 7 over in tysons. the ramps have been reopened from 66 to toll rod and route -- toll road and route 7. this morning we had major tieups to the west. lanes are open. we'll start off in montgomery county leaving college park. lanes are open here but authorities are checking for a crash on the outer loop near the exit for georgia avenue. no incidents to report as you continue southbound along 270. lanes are open as you continue out of hyattstown to
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germantown. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. some of the top stories we're following this morning, opening statements begin today in the trial of roger clemens. the defense has unveiled its strategy. lawyers for the former all-star pitcher will question if a 2008 congressional hearing in which clemens denied using steroids was a valid legislative inquiry. clemens is charged with perjury, false statements and obstruction. a man arrested during a protest outside the u.s. capitol is scheduled for trial on misdemeanor charges today. keith silver is accused of disorderly conduct and blocking passage during his protest in support of d.c. statehood back in april. he's a ward 6 advisory neighborhood commissioner. his supporters are planning a rally outside the courthouse. d.c.'s government will not be in the business of selling guns after all. council member phil mendelson has withdrawn a bill that would allow the government to temporarily act as a gun dealer. the only legal gun dealer in the district is closed -- or closed earlier this year. three residents sued claiming a violation of their second
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amendment rights because they had no legal way to buy a gun. the mayor's office is trying to find a new location for the legal gun dealer's business. and a big shake-up in the leadership of the d.c. council. council chairman kwame brown has reassigned committee chair appointments removing tommy wells as chairman of the transportation committee. the backlash has been strong with lots of phone calls and hundreds of e-mails coming in to support council member wells. we're told chairman kwame brown called wells to his office for an unusual meeting at 9:00 p.m. on monday. that's when wells got the news. he was out as head of public works and transportation and off the metro board. >> i was surprised and you know, that's part of where we are right now. >> political payback in your opinion or are you not willing to go that far? >> that's not what i'm focused on. >> council member wells will now take over the committee on parks and recreation.
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turning to the economy, no deal yet but negotiators will meet again this afternoon despite the war of words heating up. the top senate republican is suggesting a way out. senate leader mitch mcconnell made the offer after speaker boehner and the president sounded off about the whole process. >> i cannot guarantee that those checks go out on august 3 if we haven't resolved this issue because there may simply not be the money in the coiffeurs to do it. >> the president talks a good game but when it comes time to putting the issues on the table making decisions, they can't quite pull the trigger. >> i would advocate we pass legislation giving the president the authority to request of us an increase in the debt keeling that would take us -- ceiling that would take us past the end of his term. >> republican and democratic leaders will be back at the white house again today. congress holding a hearing today on airport security.
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utah congressman says the u.s. airports are still vulnerable to terrorists despite security upgrades since the 9/11 attacks. there have been more than 25,000 security breaches at commercial airports since november 2001. the tsa is defending its policies maintaining those incidents represent only a fraction of the $5.5 -- of the 5.5 billion people who have been screened the last ten years. judgment day for a woman who killed two men while driving drunk. details on the sentence she's facing when fox 5 continues. then some area teenagers could soon be facing a new curfew. if they're caught breaking it it's their parents who would be punished. details on the new proposal coming up next.
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a woman convicted of killing two men while driving drunk hz learned her fate. jenny mate was sentenced to the maximum of 20 years in prison.
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but it's unlikely she'll have to serve the entire sentence. the 32-year-old struck and killed justo rosario and roy lacayo as they stood outside of their cars on riggs road in adelphi last freb. mate had two prior convictions for dui and a suspended license. two teenagers are in critical condition after being hit by a car in severna park, maryland. this happened right across from a carnival on richie highway and west earl heights road. the victims are 17 and 18 years old. they were taken to the hospital in critical condition and the driver stayed on the scene of the crash. a curfew controversy in montgomery county. the council introduced legislation that would require people 18 and under to be off a certain time. if a teen gets caught after the tur few, the parents would -- curfew, the parents would get punished forced to attend parenting classes. before the council makes a decision, a public hearing will happen on july 26. prince george's county and d.c. have similar curfews in place
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for minors. maryland's so-called healthiest living -- or healthiest county is living up to its name. the howard county health department plans to announce a total ban on smoking and tobacco products in all county and recreational areas. the move makes the county the first in the state to itchment such a ban -- to implement such a ban. leslie johnson back at work despite the fact she's facing prison time. pore on that coming up -- more on that coming up on fox 5 morning news. you may want to watch your speed on some prince george's county roadways. the new push to get drivers to slow down and how you can play a role in it. right now it's 6:11. we'll be right back.
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washington nationals tyler clifford, the only representative for the nationals in the all-star game only faced one batter in the all-star game last night. but he got the win. here's why. adrienne beltre with the single but because of that right there being thrown out at the plate, that made tyler eligible for
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the win. and then prince fielder hit a game-winning home run. he gets the win. a nice memory for him to have. >> congrat laces-- >> congratulations. >> sometimes you don't need to pitch an entire game. >> it's a weird way to get it. >> a very strange way to get a win to face one batter. he's go the it. he'll be in the record books. >> i heard coming in that this has an impact on who gets home possession for the world series. >> they changed that a while back because nobody really cared about the a all-star game. they wanted it to mean something. >> i didn't know that. now it goes to the national league. interesting weather we're having. >> another hot one yesterday. today will be hot but not as hot. there's the good news. and the trend is good. let's take a look. we'll show you what's going on. we'll start with yesterday's high temperatures where we did get up to -- yesterday's highs? yes, 97 degrees at reagan national yesterday for the high. no records. none of these are records.
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we were a couple degrees short or a few degrees short in the case of bwi marshal of getting any records. but 97 at reagan national. dulles 96. bwi marshal 93 for your high. current temperatures around the region, check them out. we are at 82 degrees. we remain at 82 for this hour. 81 in annapolis. leonardtown is at 72. dulles is at 71. baltimore 76 degrees. culpeper, you're at 73 degrees this morning. i want to show you the future cast for today. talking about some possible thunderstorms later on today. this is a model projection of what is likely to happen. we have fairly clear skies but by 5:00 this evening, some showers and thunderstorms popping up according to this image right around the washington area. fairfax county. off to the east as well. but the heaviest precipitation and the real thunderstorms develop during the evening hours south and east of the district. now, this is a projection but it does look like eastern maryland, portions of southern maryland, and portions of virginia could get some heavy
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storms later on today. the southern end of the chesapeake bay as well. we'll keep our eyes on that as the day develops. for today mostly sunny, still hot but not as hot. high about 93 degrees today. for tonight not as warm overnight. we should see our lows drop down into the upper 60s and the low 70s. early thunderstorm is possible as i showed you during the nighttime hours. five-day forecast here's your trend. take looks good. tomorrow much better day. cooler, 86, less humid. friday nice, dry, 85. the weekend looks i'll say spectacular right now. fairly comfortable although the humidly will slowly start to creep back in but highs in the 80s so really not bad. now let's find out what's happening with traffic. for that we go to julie wright. >> reporter: we'll take you to the crew in sky fox. last report we mentioned an incident on the beltway near georgia avenue. i believe the crew has found it on the outer loop of the beltway before you reach connecticut avenue. we have an incident off the
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road to the shoulder. so our lanes are open as you travel westbound 495 headed in the direction of connecticut avenue. you'll find lanes are open coming southbound on 95 out of laurel. no problems to report on the bwi parkway coming south from 198. there's our incident. really no big deal. before connecticut avenue, one car fender bender off to the shoulder. lanes are open. lanes are open if you're traveling 395 coming across the 14-g9 street bridge -- 14th street bridge. now it's the right side of the roadway blocked. no longer are itself lanes guided -- the lanes divided as you cross over the potomac. >> julie, thanks. here's a way to slow down as speed cameras will soon be coming to prince george's county. you might have a chance to say where they will be. the county council had a public hearing last night on where to put the cameras which are designed to catch speeders in the act. right now the county has a list of possible locations. those locations around the county -- are on the county's website. you'll find a link on our website under links. the embattled wife of
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former executive jack johnson headed back to work this week. leslie johnson voted on several nominations but did not talk to reporters or address calls for her to step down immediately. johnson admitted in federal court to drying a $100,000 check from a developer to her husband and trying to hide nearly $80,000 cash from the f.b.i. by stashing it in her bra. she faces up to a year and a half in prison. last week she announced she is resigning at the end of this month. if the nation defaults on its debt, the president has already said social security checks might not go out. what are some of the other consequences we could be facing? >> we'll take a look straight ahead in the business beat. some good news about consumers' personal financing. your morning caffeine jolt bigger than ever now. starbucks now offering the itself d.c. area. they hold more liquid than the humid stomach believe it or not. the 31 ounces of either iced coffee or tea only drinks available in that size to try to keep down the calorie counts. >> it will take you six hours to drink the thing.
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ouewti eon dgome.
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the deadline to raise the nation's dead limit is fast approaching but there is some good news when you look at consumer finances. lauren, time is ticking toward the deadline to raise the nation's limit. the president has said social security checks might not go out after the august 2 deadline. what else could we see happening here? >> this is just a scary situation. the debt talks in washington can be compared to a family trying to prioritize its bills when cash is tight. what do you have to pay first? what do you absolutely need and that's what lawmakers are facing right now. for the first time from the president saying that those social security checks, $20 billion in payments plus disability checks might not go out for the month of august because the deadline for lawmakers to raise the debt ceiling is august 2. so come
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august 3 we could be looking at a completely different situation as the government tries to pay bills, if it can still pay many of its bills. >> some good news at least today. looks like consumer pocketbooks are looking a little better these days despite the economy. talk a little bit about that. >> exactly. consumer debt is down by 8% from its 2008 peak. at the same time we're not using as many credit cards. the number of open credit cards has fallen by a quarter and personal bankruptcy filings are also down by 8% over the past year. so we're definitely cleaning up our finances and that bodes well for a report we get tomorrow on june retail sells. as you know consumer spending is two-thirds of all economic activity. so if we have more money as consumers, we'll spend more money at the stores and business kind of just goes around. so hopefully we'll see an upside surprise tomorrow when we get the update on retail. >> hilton is out with thissage
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survey -- this annual survey. i had not heard of this before. i don't know. what's this about? >> have you seen the movie "horrible bosses"? >> i haven't but i hear it's agree. >> if you had a boss like this, maybe you would agree with this survey. the rewards program for hilton hotels, they asked if consumers would rather go on a free vacation with their boss or play double for a vacation with their famous celebrity. 36% picked the freebie with the big guy, believe it or not. other questions were if you could have a summer with no rain or free gas for the entire summer, what would you pick? what would you pick on that one? >> free gas or rain for the entire summer? >> or no rain, sunny skies. >> i'd say free gas. >> nearly half of the respondents said they would take the better weather. >> they would? i would rather pay double and go on the vacation with the
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superstar because that would be really fun. >> me too. although my boss is kind of cool. that's a toss-up. >> that's a tough one. thanks. we'll check in with you tomorrow. >> bye, sarah. the pill that could help reduce the risk of contracting h.i.v. and aids. expects say progress is being made. we'll have more on that coming up on fox 5. stacey cohan is live at dulles international. stacey? >> reporter: good morning, sarah. security breaches at national airports appropriate a congressional hearing. i'll tell you what that's all about coming up. the kincaids live here. across the street, the padillas. ben and his family live here, too.
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ben's a re/max agent and he's a big part of this community. there are lots of reasons why re/max agents average more sales than other agents. experience, certainly. but maybe it's also because they care about the markets they serve and the neighbors who rely on them. nobody sells more real estate than re/max. visit today.
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a house republican attempt to overturn a light bulb bill has burned out now. the bill doesn't exactly ban the old light bulbs but does require a higher level of efficiency than they can produce. essentially nudging them off of
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store shelves. >> do they dim? some of them i thought-- >> they buzz, i can tell that you. >> i don't like the light they give off. i like my light bulbs the way they are. >> but the government feels it's right and better for us so it must be. >> okay. i reserve comment. let's talk about the weather, sir. >> all right. you know, a pretty start to the day. in the a bad start. it's warm. and -- and a little bit muggy. however, we're not seeing as much haze we were seeing the last couple of days. >> that's a good thing. >> it is a good thing. we've got officially, you know -- i'm going -- you know what? i'll go outside and see first but there's plenty of sunshine. there's some clouds streaming through but not a bad start to the day. up in the corner of your screen there, you can see some rain showers across portions of the -- i'm sorry, not the mid- atlantic, the midwest into the ohio valley, places like that.
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that's with a frontal boundary that will gradually make its way through here later and could bring us some showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon and evening. all right, right now reagan national reporting a temperature of 82 degrees here. humidity 58%. that's why we don't have the haze this morning. and the winds are out of the northwest at 8 miles an hour. so mixing things up a little bit. not too bad. forecast for today, hot, not as humid but still some humidity out there. look for a high of 93 degrees and a chance of those afternoon and evening showers and thunderstorms. maybe some heavy thunderstorms south and east of the district. that's a look at the weather. coming up in 15 minutes, we'll attempt to do today's edition of ask the weather guys. today we have a question about which cities in the u.s. have the -- are you more likely to encounter a natural weather disaster and which cities are the safest from natural weather disasters. >> so many options. >> i like that one. >> there's a lot of information. >> good deal. that's coming up in a few
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minutes. first let's check with julie wright and the traffic. >> reporter: it's been busy this morning. we started the show talking about wires across the area in tysons corner. that's no longer the case. as you work your way on the beltway in each direction, will you find the lanes are open traveling between the american legion bridge and route 50. no incidents to report right now on the toll road itself as you travel inbound from 28 headed towards 495. 66 is on the brakes as you travel through manassas and at the belt wie 395 coming across the 14th street bridge a change in our traffic patterns. this is no longer an area where the lanes divide continuing across the potomac. traffic continues to the left with four lanes maintained headed interest southeast. southbound along 270 no incidents to report germantown to the lane divide. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. the big story a hearing on airport security on capitol hill today. >> a house subcommittee is looking into new numbers that show thousands of breaches at
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commercial airports since 9/11. stacey cohan this morning at dulles international with more details. stacey, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. this is all stemming from utah representative yayson chavitz. he says there have been massive security breaches since 2001 and that is indeed cause for concern. he believes u.s. airports are vulnerable to attack. what he's using to back up these accusations are statistics claiming 25000 security breaches since november of 2001. now, the tsa is counteracting what he's saying but saying that's a small fraction, a fraction of 1% of the 05.5 billion people screened since 9/11. the hearings come in the middle of the very busy summer travel season and during a time in which the tsa has been under criticism for its search policies, including searches of young children and people in their 90s. last week there was an incident in newark, new jersey. a stun gun was found on board a
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jet blue aircraft. it was in the seat pocket. there was some speculation that that stun gun may have been placed on the aircraft in boston. but as of yet we have no record of how that stun gun got through security and caused a lot of frightened and concerned passengers in that area. so that hearing gets under way today on airport security amidst accusations that there are serious breaches at the nation's airports. reporting live, i'm stacy cohan. -- stacey cohan. back to you. opening statements begin today in the trial of roger clemens. the baseball legend is accused of lying to congress when he denied using performance enhancing drugs. the jury consists of ten women and two men. the defense strategy is expected to focus on whether the house of representatives investigation was a proper legislative inquiry. clemens is facing up to 30 years in prison if convicted. in two hours from now, there is a rally outside superior court in the district in support of a man who was arrested for protesting in
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support of home rule for the district. keith silver is accused of disorderly conduct and blocking the way into the capital back in april as lawmakers were approving the district's budget. others were also arrested but silver is the first to go on trial for protesting. d.c. government will not be in the business of selling guns after all. council member phil mendelson has withdrawn a bill that would allow the government to temporarily act as a gun dealer. the only legal gun dealer closed in the district earlier this year. three residents sued claiming a violation of their second amendment rights because they had no way of legally buying a gun. the mayor is trying to find a new location for the gun dealer business. still no agreement in site for raising the debt ceiling. as far as fixing entitlements, senate governments don't support cuts unless they're part of a grand plan. senator mitch mcconnell expressing frustration on the
6:36 am
senate floor. he asserted republican choose-- >> after years of discussions and months of discussions, i -- negotiations, i have little question that as long as this president is in the oval office, a real solution is probably unatannable. >> i will not touch medicare and medicaid for some simple little deal that we get nothing that's beneficial to the country. >> senator mcconnell suggesting a plan to give the president authority to simply decide to raise the credit limit on his own. significant development in the presidential race. texas republican congressman ron paul not going to run for congress again. the 75-yard says he's got -- 75- year-old says he's gotten more support for his presidential run more than ever and will not run for two offices at once. the former utah governor is in south carolina comparing his resume to fellow candidate mitt romney. he said utah ranked first in job creation. news corps chairman rupert
6:37 am
murdoch is facing stiff opposition in britain to his bid to take over a satellite broadcasting company. in the wake of the news ever the world phone hacking scandal and former british prime minister gordon brown is acuing two newspapers of -- is accusing two newspapers of obtaining personal information about his family. the sun learned his child has cystic fibrosis, information he claims they could never have obtained legally. meanwhile, a parliament panel grilled a senior london police officer on why he did not investigate phone hacking allegations at the news of the world years earlier. >> i had no idea. i had no idea. as far as i am concerned from july 2009, this affected two people. this affected a rogue reporter. that is what we honestly believe to be the case. >> rupert murdoch, chairman of news corps is in the process of
6:38 am
trying to take full control of british sky broadcasting but the british government is calling for murdoch to shelf his efforts until the investigation is complete. news corps is the parent company of fox 5. also making headlines, some encouraging news in the fight against h.i.v. and aids. two new studies in africa found daily pills prevented infection with the aids virus in heterosexual men and women by 63% or more. the results contradict earlier research that seem to show the pills did not prevent infection in women in some african countries. authors of the new studies think the earlier work may have been flawed. a military hero receives the highest honor and he has a pretty humble request. we're going to take a look at the big event straight ahead on fox 5 morning news. honoring a former first lady. betty ford, a tireless advocate for those faced with addiction. we'll take a look at her legacy on the other side of the break. it's 6:38.
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a funeral to celebrate the life of betty ford, first lady and a tireless advocate for those with cancer and addiction. fox news correspondent casey steegal looks back at her legacy. >> reporter: a parade of first ladies and presidents past. nancy reagan and president george w. bush, michele obama, hillary clinton and rosslyn carter, they joined the ford family in honoring first lady betty ford who died at age 93 on friday. carter is one of three people to deliver ford's eulogy at st. margaret episcopal church calling betty ford a true inspiration. >> she was never afraid to speak the truth, even about the
6:43 am
most sensitive subjects. >> reporter: recalling how ford was thrust into the job as first lady. her husband then vice president gerald ford assuming office on the heels of president nixon's resignation in 1974. roberts recalling a time when politics weren't as partisan. >> they weren't questioning each other motives much less the commitment to the country. >> reporter: ford was co- founder of the betty ford clinic. she was unafraid and unashame to share her private battles with addiction and breast cancer with the rest of the word. jeffrey mason, a former director at the clinic says ford was a natural when it came to helping others. >> what a gift, what a profound legacy. >> reporter: fox news. >> betty ford's body will be flown from california to grand rapids, michigan today. tomorrow there will be a second memorial service before she will finally be laid to rest next to her late husband at the
6:44 am
presidential library. president obama awarded a u.s. army sergeant the congressional medal of honor. leroy petary was part of an operation in 2008 to take down a al qaeda leader in afghanistan. he was hit with fire in both legs but he radioed for help and launch add grenade -- launch add grenade to give -- launched a grenade to give cover to another comrade. >> whenever you have a chance or opportunity to thank them shake their hand, give them a pat on the back for the job they've done because they've earned it. that's the great (exĂ­ reward to any -- that any service -- greatest reward any service member can get is a thank you. >> congratulations to him. it's 6:45. time to take another look at weather. another very hot one but we have some break coming. >> yes, we do.
6:45 am
in fact, that is our lead headline. >> it is. can i just feel your headline, sir. >> it's okay. we'll show you the weather headlines for today. yes, you are exactly right, sarah. there's a break coming, not today. you know what? today is going to be different than yesterday. it's not going to be as hot. still hot but not as hot. but we do have a break coming. a front moves through later today. it's a cold front and with the passage of the front, we could see some thunderstorms develop during the afternoon and evening hours. could be some heavy storms, particularly south and east of the district. by tomorrow comfortable conditions and i think those conditions will last right through the weekend. how about that? let's take a look at the temperatures around the region. right now 82 degrees in washington. we're still there. 81 in annapolis. stevensville, you're at 77 degrees. quantico it's 75. manassas 70 degrees. and martinsburg, west virginia where it's 69 degrees at this hour. satellite radar composite, skies look pretty good this morning. plenty of blue out there.
6:46 am
we do have some clouds in portions of the sky but not a bad start to the day. there's your frontal boundary still aways away but you can see rain showers pressing across northwest pennsylvania and pretty good storms in missouri early this morning. with the passage of that front, we will see likely -- i won't say likely but many of you will probably see some storms pop up here and there. i think we'll see more storms today than we saw yesterday, for example. and then the cooler air works its way in. five-day forecast check it out. not bad. today 93 for your high. isolated thunderstorms. tomorrow cooler. 86. now, you know, it's not cool but it's cooler. less humid. that's the big thing. friday, saturday and sunday highs in the mid-80s. not as humid although the humidity gradually begins to creep back in. but really, really not bad. there you go. that's the latest on the weather. wait a minute, let me find the equipment here. there we go. that's the latest on the weather. right now it's time for ask the
6:47 am
weather guys. it's the segment where tucker and i put our big heads together free wently with helpful intswer your most pressing questions, weather related or otherwise. today's question comes from jen portis. she writes, i was wondering which cities in the united states have the least and greatest amount of natural disasters? excellent question. >> yes, it is. >> let's start by saying we sort of amended it to be weather related. we could get complicated. >> people frequently think earthquakes are a weather phenomenon. they are not. so we're not including earthquakes. >> we're talking floods, tornadoes, hurricanes. blizzards, all that kind of thing. now, we will also say that thankfully forbes has already done the work here. >> they wrote an article. >> ranking the cities in terms of their risk of seeing natural
6:48 am
disasters. you're going to see a couple of pictures of some natural disasters. >> we'll show you the range. >> you want to guess? >> i'm going to say -- actually i have no idea. i was going to say boston. they get blizzards up there. >> can either of you think of the city that's the safest in terms of natural disasters? >> i would guess maybe -- i don't know if i'm forgetting a disaster but phoenix? >> i will say portland, oregon. >> you're up there. remember in phoenix we had the haboob. >> that's right, the big stand -- the big sandstorm. >> you're right. >> let's go to the map. we made you a map. tony and i didn't make the map. forbes did. >> no, actually our intern mike. >> hey, i'm not far off. >> you're not. >> the cities you see here are considered the safest places in the country for weather-related disasters. number one honolulu which kind
6:49 am
of surprised me really. it's considered very safe. not a lot of extreme weather there. very occasionally they get hit by hurricanes but they're generally protected by ocean currents and the winds out there are favorable. so they don't see a lot of extreme weather. sarah mentioned arizona. >> let me say just one thing about honolulu. they are at a slight risk for tsunamis but a very slight risk because they're way out there. >> they got hit by a pretty good hurricane back in '95. honolulu number one. then sarah mentioned arizona but you can see here the pacific northwest and new mexico, santa fe on the list. and yakama. >> is santa fe protected by the mountains? >> here's the combination. here's what's keeping these cities relatively safe. a relatively cool flow comfortable flow off the ocean stops big thunderstorms and hurricanes from developing so the water temperature is too cold out there. and the mountains provide some protection out to the west.
6:50 am
so that's why your cities out to the west are considered safer than many along the eastern seaboard. >> i want to say i misspoke earlier. earthquakes were taken into consideration. many fine cities in california, santa monica, places like that, san diego because there's a risk of earthquakes, they're not on the list. >> we stand no chance in the east, do we? >> no. in fact, let's go back to the graphics. we have more and we're going to talk about the worst cities. here are your bad cities. >> check it out. here's what's surprising about this. we're not talking tornado alley. we'll go from -- we'll start at the bottom. number five, west palm beach, florida. number four, winter haven, florida. hurricanes. florida is like a magnet for hurricanes. and you've got -- there you go. of that whole region there, that's a lot of these storms develop. you have tornadoes, severe thunderstorms with lightning,
6:51 am
damaging lightning causing fires and kills people and all that kind of thing because ever the cool air and the warm air hitting right there. then you've got the hurricane likelihood with the warm waters of the southern atlantic and the gulf of mexico. it is hurricane central. jackson, mississippi, the geography is very flat. that allows for the development of tornadoes and that kind of thing. dallas, texas, is number two with the desert to the west, that creates what's known as the dry line boundary. every now and then you hear us talk about that when we're talking about some of those storms out there. the city at the greatest risk for severe weather according to, for monroe, louisiana. it's between dallas and jackson. they get everything. they get the dry air and the cool air. they get the hurricanes, tornadoes. it's really not good. >> we get everything around here, just not to that extreme. >> again, because of the proximity of the mountains and, you know, there are things that
6:52 am
influence whether or not you're going to get weather. so yeah, we get tornadoes but generally not big super destructive tornadoes. >> the monroe was the most dangerous. >> most dangerous. if you want to be safe, just go to honolulu hawaii. >> if you're looking for a new place to live, just go to honolulu. >> excellent question. you can learn more at, if you have -- if you have a question you want answered go to and click on the weather tab. you could also upload your video question and we may play it on the air. >> thank you very much. 6:52 right now. julie wright, there you go. another reason to go to hawaii. >> reporter: as if i need yet another excuse. my bag stays packed at all times. the crew at sky fox with us right now checking out the commute as you travel in from the west. you're going to find that the lanes are open if you're traveling eastbound along 66. traffic volume remains heavy and slow as you continue in right here leaving vienna towards 495. big mess we had out there on the beltway earlier this
6:53 am
morning at route 7 is clear. all of your lanes are open. let's take it back inside and show you the commute as you travel in this direction coming in from manassas as you work your way eastbound along 66. traffic volume a little heavy here. traffic slows again in centreville headed eastbound pretty much all the way into vienna. the next camera will show you the commute along new york avenue inbound. lanes are open. no incidents to report getting through the traffic lights leaving northeast to northwest. southbound 270 is where we had the crash reported at falls road and whatever was there has cleared. authorities are trafficking southbound i-95 for a crash. heads up coming out of laurel. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. heads up for netflix customers. the company raising its prices for the millions of subscribers would rent dvds through the mail and watch video over the internet as well. if you want to keep both services you'll have to pay double. payment plans will start at $16 a month up from $10. the $8 streaming only option
6:54 am
will remain unchanged. take a look at hollywood now. arnold is back, at least in the movies. a spokesman for arnold schwarzenegger says he will return to acting this september. he is expected to star in a western called "the last stand." it will be his first major role since "terminator" in '03. hollywood insiders say the role is about a man with a shady past looking for redemption. dancers from all over the place, china, spain, ukraine all going to be performing this weekend at the kennedy center. >> fox 5 holly morris is there this morning to learn more about the international dance show. we're going to check in with her in just a few. we'll be right back.
6:55 am
6:56 am
6:57 am
good morning. do we have something special planned for you today as we are
6:58 am
live at kennedy center this weekend friday and saturday there will be a premier by the dance theatre an internationally renowned dance company their latest is zaid and the dream. take a look at this. 100 dancers ands on stage, dancers ands from china, spain, ukraine, united arab emirates, you name it show casing their talents this morning, we are going to give you a wonderful preview we are going to start in the costume room, talk with the director himself founder of the company talk to him about the show and the look of the show we will head to a rehearsal room where dancers ands will be warming up and talk about the story line an historic journey into the arabian desert and then in our 9:00 a.m. hour listen to this, we are going on stage in the eisenhower theatre, where not
6:59 am
one not two, 10 20, 50 but all 100 dancers ands are coming out this morning, to dance just for us in fact, the word is they are going to do the finale of the show so we can get a real idea of the explosion of talent this show is. and we will give you the information so you can come out this weekend sarah, only two nights friday and saturday. >> good news. and good to know looks fascinating the dancing looks phenomenal. >> that is it for the 6:00 a.m. hour now over to alison and steve good morning. >> good morning thank you so much coming up, tens of thousands of u.s. security breaches at u.s. airports in the past 10 years how concerned should we be. plus a day in court trial of roger clemens gets ready to begin. eating right, several large restaurant chains rolling out menu

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